Can we build it? Yes we can!

Grab your tool belt and hardhat! Join Bob the Builder and his team as they construct projects using a foundation of determination and teamwork. With his business partner Wendy, apprentice builder Leo, and a team of machines, Bob is ready to fix the town of Fixham along with Spring City.

This team digs into any project, hammering out solutions to problems, all while building confidence along the way. No project is too big or too small – from fixing a leaky roof to repairing a skyscraper. After all, the fun is in getting it done!

Who is Bob the Builder?

My child loves Bob the Builder and his team - but which one is which? What do the machines do? What does Bob build? Here are the blueprints to tell the difference between Scoop, Lofty, and the other machines. Let's get digging...

Bob is the resident builder for Fixham and Spring City, and there is no job too big or too small for him.


Working with his dedicated team, Bob will always jump in to assist the community and works hard to get the job done. His optimistic attitude always shines through, especially when reassuring his team with his empowering catch phrase: "Can we build it? Yes we can!".

Wendy is Bob's smart and dynamic building partner. Her specialty is in electrics, and it's Wendy to the rescue when there's electrical work to be done.


With a quick wit and an eye for spotting a problem, Wendy is always on hand to point the team in the right direction.

Leo is Bob and Wendy's good-hearted apprentice who is eager to learn the tools of the trade.


Easily distracted, Leo can sometimes cause the best plans to come clattering down. But when he learns to slow down and concentrate, Leo shows the builder he will develop into.

Scoop is a yellow digger with a scoop bucket in front and a trench digger in back.


As Bob's best friend, Scoop is the unofficial machine team leader. His schemes often cause trouble but, with a little help, Scoop always finds a way to dig Team Bob out.

Muck is a dump truck who wants to make everyone happy.


He is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and is excited about everything - especially building! As his name suggests, Muck loves to get mucky, so whether he's digging or dumping, if there's mud around, Muck will be there!

Lofty is a shy mobile crane with an over-active imagination and a worrisome nature.


He has an eye for the business of building and the materials being used, so he can often correct mistakes and recommend solutions.