What does Bob the Builder mean to kids?

Bob and his team are an inspiration to kids. They want to build just like Team Bob. Motivated by the construction in episodes, kids may want to create their own Bob projects through imaginative play. As a result, they begin to understand important lessons about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). And Bob gives a big confidence boost to his team. After all, Can we build it? Yes we can!


Their eyes widen upon seeing Scoop digging dirt or Dizzy mixing cement. Bob encounters science on his builds – whether dealing with the wind and its force or creating an animal's natural environment while building the new zoo! As they watch the machines at work, kids begin to understand concepts such as pull/push, gravity, force, and energy.

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Kids love learning and exploring how things work and what mechanisms cause actions. Bob shows them that technology is more than just computers — it's the manmade world. Kids may become captivated as they discover how their manmade world works and what actions they can replicate.

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Can we build it? Yes we can! But how? The how is engineering. Following an episode, kids may use ideas from the show to create their own projects like sketching out their dream house or building a skyscraper out of blocks. These types of activities help foster concentration and experimentation as kids construct their own projects.

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Creativity and imagination is sparked when seeing the sights, colors, and textures in Bob's world. Inspired by Bob's work, kids may want to design their own ideas using out-of-the-box thinking, bringing their blueprints to life.

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All good builders have maths in their toolbox and Bob uses maths on every job. Following an episode, kids begin to understand concepts like sorting, ordering, basic counting, and manipulating and identifying shapes.

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