Bridge Building

Bob the Builder™ is building a new bridge in Spring City. Create your little builder's own bridge just like Bob the Builder's!

Difficulty: Easy
Build Time: 10 minutes
Must be 3+
Supervision of children using materials such as glue, scissors, etc. is strongly recommended.
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Empty cans
  • Tape
  • Craft sticks (frozen treat sticks)
  • Die-cast vehicles
  • Straws

The Blueprints

1. Tape together the ends of two craft sticks top to bottom. Continue attaching craft sticks until there's a long line. The number of sticks should be equal to the number of cans you and your little builders plan to use.

2. Build a second line of craft sticks, equal in length to the first. These two pieces are the tracks.

3. Place the track pieces on top of the cans. The distance apart should be equal to the distance of the wheels of the die-cast vehicle.

4. Secure the tracks to the cans using tape.

5. Tape two straws from the base of each can to the underside of each craft stick to form a triangle with the can as one side. Repeat this on the other side of the cans to create supporting archways.

6. Drive your little builder's die-cast vehicle across the bridge!