Construction Cone

Bob the Builder™ always blocks off the work zone with construction cones for safety. Help Bob the Builder secure the site by building a construction cone!

Difficulty: Moderate
Build Time: 15 minutes 
Must be 3+
This activity is designed for parents and children to do together. Supervision of children using materials such as glue, scissors, etc. is strongly recommended.
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard square (Approximately 5" x 5")
  • Large bowl (that fits within the edges of the construction paper)
  • Scissors
  • Construction paper (big enough to cover the bowl opening)
  • Glue
  • Pencil and Markers

The Blueprints

1. Flip the bowl so the opening is down on the construction paper. Trace around the bowl, drawing a circle onto the construction paper.

Cut out the circle.

2. Draw a dot directly in the centre of the circle. Cut from the outside of the circle to the dot in one straight line.

3. Slide one cut end over the top of the other. The more you overlap the sides the taller and narrower the cone will become.

4. Glue the sides together once you have the desired cone shape.

5. Glue the bottom of the cone onto the centre of the cardboard square.

5. Once dry, colour the cardboard square to match the colour of construction paper used to create the cone. Build more than one to block off your little builder's own work or play zone!