Mash & Mould Rock Quarry

Bring the outside in by building a rock quarry for your little builder's Bob the Builder™ vehicles to play and dig in.

Difficulty: Easy
Build Time: 5+ minutes (with play)
Must be 3+
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Large shallow container (plastic tub or box lid)
  • Mash & Mould vehicles
  • Mash & Mould Playsand
  • Rocks
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Soil
  • Small sheet of paper

The Blueprints

1. In one corner of the box, place down a small sheet of paper. Place the Playsand on top of this.

2. Section off this area by building a rock wall.

3. Fill the rest of the tub with soil.

4. Place toilet paper tubes in a pile to represent cement cylinder molds.

Have the vehicles move these around the quarry like a real construction zone!

5. Use Mash & Mould vehicles to dig and transport the sand, soil, and rocks around the quarry.

6. Spend hours mining the quarry for supplies to help Bob the Builder. Bring the outdoors inside for a day!