Mash & Mould Tools

Bob the Builder™ is looking for some new tools to use on his construction site. Help him by constructing tools to use with the Mash & Mould Playsand.

Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Build Time: 10+ minutes (with play) 
Must be 3+
Supervision of children using materials such as glue, scissors, etc. is strongly recommended.
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Mash & Mould Playsand
  • Various household items (i.e. beads, dry noodles, yarn, buttons, paper clips, bottle caps etc.)

The Blueprints

1. Gather the materials and sort them into piles.

2. Use glue to attach items to one side of the craft stick. Consider the pattern that each new tool stick will create when pressed into the Playsand.

3. Allow the glue to dry.

4. Once dry, use the tools you and your little builder created to make patterns and markings in the Mash & Mould Playsand.

Compare your tools to those from Bob the Builder play sets. Which pattern is your favourite?

5. Keep having fun by building more tools with other household items to see the pattern they make!