B Stamp

Bob the Builder™ always signs his work. Create a "B" stamp so you and your little builders can sign off on all of your builds too!

Difficulty: Moderate
Build Time: 10 minutes
Must be 3+
Supervision of children using materials such as glue, scissors, etc. is strongly recommended.
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Sponge
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Ruler

The Blueprints

1. Draw the Bob the Builder "B" on the sponge using the marker. To do this, first draw a lowercase "b" with a box in the center of the loop. The lowercase "b" should be 3" tall; half of that length will be the top portion and half the loop portion. The loop will be 2.5" wide and with a 0.75" x 0.25" box in the center.

2. Then draw a backwards "c" above the lowercase loop. Make sure there is a 0.25" space between the lowercase "b" and the backwards"c." The "c" will be squared off with a 1/2" rectangular opening facing the "b." The "c" will line up directly above the loop of the "b." It will measure 1.5" wide and 1.25" tall.

3. Carefully cut out the letter.

4. Glue the cut-out shape onto the cardboard, backwards. When stamped it will create a mirror image, causing the "B" to face the correct way!

5. Dip the stamp in paint or press on an inkpad to mark all of your little builder's builds!