Bob the Builder DIY Halloween Costumes

Can you DIY it? Yes, you can! There’s still time to make these awesome Bob the Builder costumes.

Courtesy of Inhabitots

A wagon, paper plates, spray paint and cardboard boxes (nested for the crane!) are all it takes for this epic (and green!) Lofty costume.

Courtesy of Beyond Measure

With creatively placed cardboard (see, there’s a reason to save wrapping paper rolls!) and yellow and black paint, this guy is an amazing Scoop.

Courtesy of Eating Richly

Get the family involved and dress up as the whole gang—Bob, Wendy, Spud, and the baby as Pilchard!

Courtesy of Panu Tatirat

With a tool belt and hard hat, you’ve got a Halloween costume that doubles as everyday-dress-up year round.

Courtesy of Mary Beth's Photography

It’s all about the props in this Halloween costume he’ll never know is a costume. Got an October birthday? Caution streamers and a giant cupcake turn this into a party!