Mash & Mold Tower

Bob the Builder™ is working on the tallest building in Spring City! Use Mash & Mold Playsand to construct a giant skyscraper.

Difficulty: Easy
Build Time: 5+ minutes 
Must be 3+
Supervision of children using materials such as glue, scissors, etc. is strongly recommended.
Download Blueprint

Supplies needed:

  • Mash & Mold Playsand
  • Barrels that come with Mash & Mold toys
  • Flat surface

The Blueprints

1. Fill the barrel with Mash & Mold Playsand.

2. Carefully, empty the molded Playsand on the flat surface by tipping the barrel upside down.

3. Refill and carefully empty the barrel again.

4. Stack the second mold on top of the first.

5. Repeat until you and your little builder have the tallest tower in Spring City!